A Special Offer for The Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast Listeners!

Are you ready to see your church impact more people than you have ever before? 

Are you tired of church leadership books that are long on theory but short on practical help? 

Have you wanted to reach more people in your community but you weren't sure where to start? 

Are you worried that your church isn't reaching its full potential? 

"Church Growth Flywheel : 5 Practical Systems To Drive Growth at Your Church" is full of practical insights to help your church reach more people starting today! 

"I only wish this had been around when I was a pastor! Rich Birch has taken the mystery of what people can do to help a church grow and has broken down into 5 understandable, repeatable systems. While many other church leadership books talk about the theory of growth, Rich gives an immediate action plan that will work across a myriad of contexts. Every church leader would do well to get a copy now and learn these five systems. They are current, understandable, and immediately applicable. Thanks Rich, for helping the Church with this work!"

William Vanderbloemen, CEO & Founder, Vanderbloemen Search Group

“I’ve followed Rich Birch for many years as he has had a front row seat to some of the fastest-growing churches in North America. That’s why I got excited when I heard he was releasing a book with some of what he has learned. You will be energized, informed, inspired and equipped after reading Church Growth Flywheel."  

Tim Stevens, Vice President of Consulting, Vanderbloemen Search Group

“Rich is one of the best communicators—and this book proves it. It's full of practical ideas for church growth during 'such a time as this.'"  

Katie Allred, ChurchCommunications.com Co-Founder

“Thank you Rich for pouring your years of experience and research into this helpful resource. I'm so grateful for this one-stop-shopping tool designed to help more churches reach more people with the good news of Jesus. "  

Bruxy Cavey, Author of (re)union and The End of Religion, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House

“Rich gives us strategic rocket fuel for growth in our ministries. This book goes way beyond theory and gets practical about what you can do this year to impact your community.'"  

Frank Bealer, CEO, Phase Family Center / Executive Director of Leadership Development at Orange

“What makes "Church Growth Flywheel" a must read is that is a book with practical applications. Rich is not just a theorist of church growth, multiplication and reaching people for the gospel...he is a Practitioner. He has lived it. He has led it. He has gotten his hands dirty DOING IT! As Rich says..."We need your church to grow. We need your church to make a difference." We are counting on you! ”  

Tim Cool, Chief Solutions Officer, Cool Solutions Group

“Most pastors I meet are frustrated since they are trying tons of tactics for growth, but not seeing any results. It isn’t good enough to just go out and just do 100 things. Rich’s system is what they are lacking. For sustained growth, you need an end to end process that’s strategic and easy to follow. This book gives you the entire blueprint in one shot.”  

Kenny Jahng, Founder, Church Butler Social Media

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