Join this FREE 5 Day Challenge to Help Increase Your Church's Invitability. 

Each day you will get a super short video and exercise that you can complete in a matter of minutes.  

At the end of five days you will have deeper understanding of invitability and how to increase it in your church. It's designed to help your church gain momentum in reaching more people in your community. 

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Yes ... we know "invitability" isn't a word. But it will have impact on your church. 

How "invitable" is your church? How is invitability connected to church growth? What can you do to gain momentum in seeing your church reach more people this year?

Invitability is at the core of what drives church's that are prevailing. Understanding how invitable your church is the first step to reach more people. Church leaders who are wanting to see their churches grow are wrestling with invitability and it's impact.  

This 5 Day Challenge is designed to help you gain a better understand of your church and it's invitability.  

The best part? It only takes a few minutes a day. 

About Rich Birch

5 Day Church Invitabilty Challenge Host 

Rich a best selling author, podcaster, pastor and founder of unSeminary. Thousands of church leaders listen in to his podcast weekly for practical insights that help their churches reach more people. His books & online courses have helped churches across North America be more effective.